Tooth sensitivity; Treatment

Sensitive teeth can be due to various causes. The basic factor being, worn out of the enamel part of the teeth and thus exposing the inner layer dentine. The dentinal part of the tooth has tubules running till the pulp of the tooth. So any change in the oral cavity such as cold, sweet or sour food can stimulate the exposed tubule.

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The wearing out of the tooth layer can be due to; vigorous and improper technique of brushing or using a hard tooth brush, hard food chewing habit, highly acidic beverages, or repeated vomiting and exposure of teeth to stomach acid in some people.

Proper Tooth Brushing

In some instances tooth ache in the initial stages of tooth decay (cavity) can be mistaken for sensitivity. This kind of discomfort is usually is the pain initiated by hot or cold food and remains for some time after the stimulus. This kind of painful sensation is also present while eating or on sleeping.

Treatment would depend upon the severity of damage to the teeth. If the worn out on the teeth is negligible then desensitizing tooth paste may help. These are the products readily available by many brand names. If the damage is visible on the tooth, then tooth colored restorations (fillings) is advisable. Tooth colored filling material include glass ionomer (GIC), composite etc.(dealers can add products here with best price, doctors can buy products here) There also should be taken care of the underlying cause for worn out of the teeth to prevent further damage. This can be best taken care by your dentist (find a dentist in your area) (join as dentist in your area).

If the pain is because of cavity, or abscess of any other cause needs thorough check up and specific treatment by the dental surgeon. So, it is advisable to have a dental check-up before trying desensitizing tooth pastes.

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